Yesterday was the first of July and here in Quebec this means moving day (most rental contracts start this day). So I thought, while hundreds of people are unpacking their boxes, I would give you a tour of our house.

We bought our cozy 1917 semi-detached about ten years ago (when the market wasn't as crazy). It needed so much work. The electricity, the plumbing, the roof, the floors, original kitchen and bathroom to redo, some water infiltrations and a backyard covered with moss. As you can guess it was perfect for me!

I have already posted pictures of the girls' bedroom so today let's see my three-years-old boy's room.

Hier c'était le premier juliet, jour officiel des déménagements au Québec (la plupart des baux débutent cette journée). Alors j'ai pensé que, pendant des milliers de personnes sont en train de vider leurs boîtes, je vous ferais visiter ma maison.

Nous avons acheté notre petit semi-détaché de 1917 il y a environ dix ans (avant que le marché soit si fou). Cette maison avait besoin de beaucoup d'attention. L'électricité, la plomberie, le toit, les planchers, la cuisine et la salle de bain étaient d'époque, des problèmes d'infiltration d'eau et une cour couverte de mousse. Elle était parfaite pour moi!

J'ai déjà mis des photos de la chambre des filles, alors voici la chambre de mon garçon de 3 ans.

My boy loves trains. I made sure there was a few but I also tried not to make his room to "gimmicky". This old bed was once one of my brother's. Now it is painted a dark blue gray. The red blanket is a vintage find, perfect for his naps.

These are Ikea Traby shelving that I painted white. I got a good price because they were going out of stock. They are just the right height for little boy. He loves to do puzzles and the vintage red tray helps to keep the pieces off the floor.

My boy also loves worms (that's what he's holding in the picture). I find beautiful vintage books make original wall art.

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