Some before and after, Quelques avant-après

When I have time, I love to do some upcycling projects. I'm always amazed to see how  paint can give new life to an old piece of furniture.  You could almost say it's magic if you didn't need to clean, repair and sand and sand again.  

Quand j'ai le temps, j'adore réaliser des projets de récup. Je ne me lasse pas de voir comment avec de la peinture on peut redonner vie à un vieux meuble. On pourrait presque dire que c'est magique, s'il ne fallait pas en plus nettoyer, réparer et sabler et sabler ancore.

Here are some pictures of beds I painted for two little girls and one I did for a little boy.

Voici quelques photos de lits que j'ai peints pour deux petites filles et un autre pour un petit garçon.

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  1. I would love to paint a headboard and footboard of a bed we have in the guest bedroom. I wonder what is all that I have to do before painting and what type of paint to use. Is it spray paint or regular paint that one uses a brush.Very beautiful job.

  2. Hi Louise! It's been a long time since I visited :) I'm happy to be back and see this wonderful before and after! Great work, I especially love the white ones.


  3. Bonjour Angela,

    Sorry I didn’t answer sooner (writing in English takes me time). So before painting a piece a furniture, I always sand to eliminate as much bumps and scratches and also to help the paint to adhere. Then I apply a coat of a good primer and finally the paint color. I work with a paint brush because I don't mind the brush stroke and also the look is more unified if there are details that a roller couldn’t get. My new favorite paint is Furniture and cabinet from Sico (are you from around here ?). But any good latex in a glossy finish can do. I’ve worked with succes with regular Benjamin Moore and Aurora, but I really don’t like Behr (too sticky and not a great coverage). Hope this helps and please excuse my poor English.

    Bonne chance!


    PS I would love to see your finished project

  4. Bonjour Holly,

    Merci for stopping by.

    Hope you're having fun with your latest project.

  5. Hello Louise, I love your blog. Your home is just beautiful. I wonder if you would share the paint color of the pink headboard and footboard in the above picture. It is perfect. I am planning on painting my daughter's bed soon and she would love it to be bright pink.

  6. Bonjour Anonyme,

    Merci for your nice comment and sorry I didn't answer your question sooner.

    This color is custom made. My client wanted the same as the bag of the canadian store Holt Renfrew. A tip : have your primer tinted or you will be adding coats of paint till Christmas...


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