It's a win! C'est gagné!

The big old couch I bought in septembre last year is back from the upholsterer!  It's been reupholsterered for a few months, but I wanted to make new pillows before I showed it.  But it takes me for ever to find the fabrics and the time to sew the pillows, so here it is in its simple un-accessorized version.

Le gros vieux canapé que j'ai acheté en septembre dernier est revenu de chez le rembourreur.  En fait, il a été restauré (est-ce le bon mot???) il y a quelque mois, mais je voulais prendre le temps de faire de nouveaux coussins avant de le montrer.  Mais ça me prend une éternité à choisir les tissus et à coudre les coussins, alors voilà le divan dans sa plus simple version sans accessoires.

For a long time, I couldn't decide the color. It's not easy to imagine a big mass from a small sample. I wanted the couch to be simple (but not boring), classic (but not ordinary). Finally, I chose to go with grey (or gray?). Not very exciting, but I've wanted a grey couch for so long. So happy with our "new" couch.  It has more room for sitting and looks less bulky than our old one, the covers are removable and washable and it's comfortable (for siting and naping).

J'ai longtemps hésité pour la couleur. C'est pas facile d'imaginer une grosse masse à partir d'un petit échantillon. Je voulais que le canapé soit simple (mais pas ennuyant) et classique (mais pas commun). Finalement, j'ai choisi gris, pas très excitant, mais je souhaitais avoir un canapé gris depuis si longtemps.  Je suis très heureuse de notre "nouveau" canapé.  Il assoit plus de personnes, mais est moins volumineux que notre ancien, les housses sont amovibles et lavables et on y est confortablement assis (et couché).

The walls got also a new look.  Now, they are a soft gray,  but the frames are still laying on the floor... Sometimes it feels like it will never be finished.

Les murs aussi ont un nouveau look.  Ils sont maintenant gris pâle, mais les cadres traînent encore par terre... Des fois, j'ai l'impression que ce ne sera jamais fini...

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  1. wow! The couch looks amazing! Who did your upholstery?

    Your living room is so nice. Always looking forward to pics of your projects and your lovely home Xx.

  2. ps. My favourite colour for interiors is grey - so I think you made an excellent choice :)

  3. Merci Holly. Rembourrage Parisian (on Sherbrooke) did the work. M. François is very good and patient. He made a few changes (no extra) so I would be totally happy with the job.

    My favorite color is also grey. But isn't boring to admit this? Isn't it like saying you like beige?

    Anyway, it goes with everything (like beige...).

  4. Hi again Louise!

    Actually, I did a guest post on 10 Rooms blog all about the colour grey and how fabulous it is. Maybe you want to have a look:


    Thanks for the tip for upholstery. I'll keep it on file for future clients in the Montreal area.


    ps. you so SHOULD open a kids shop!!!!


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