Best improvement, Meilleure amélioration



I'm so happy with these before and after pictures. This improvement is important in my life. Do you see the major difference? That's it no more changing table!!! My boy is diaper free now. That old changing table had been in the bathroom for almost 9 years (J, than I than one year break before O). Now we have room for this fun vintage metal rolling shelving. I bought it a year ago knowing this day would come...

Je suis tellement heureuse de vous présenter ces photos "Avant et Après". Cette amélioration est vraiment notable dans ma vie. Remarquez-vous l'importante différence? Hé oui! Plus de table à langer!!! Mon garçon est désormais un sans-couche. Depuis presque 9 ans, cette vieille table à langer trônait dans la salle de bain (J, puis I, puis une pause d'un an avant O). Maintenant nous avons l'espace pour cette vieille étagère en métal sur roulettes. Je l'ai achetée il y a un an, sachant que ce jour viendrait...

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog. I like how you had the changing table next to the basin. My sister just have a new born baby. I'll suggest this idea to her, hope you don't mind. Thanks for the inspiration.

    If you get a chance, swing by and say hello. I would love to hear about all your wants, musings, and distractions. I will be back regularly.

  2. The changing table next to the sink was very practical. It gave us a place to dry and dress the baby after the bath (the pj were stored there). Also it's nice sometimes to be near water when you're changing a diaper.

    I saw your projects. Pretty impressive!


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