Don't judge a book... Apparences trompeuses...

I'm so happy about my latest find. When I saw it at first I thought it was just an old dictionary for anglophone students. But when I started to look carefully at the illustrations and I started to wonder if it was a joke. Take a look and you will see what I mean.

Je suis tellement heureuse de ma dernière trouvaille. Lorsque j'ai vu ce livre, j'ai pensé que c'était juste un vieux dictionnaire pour étudiants anglophones. Mais quand je me suis mise à vraiment regarder les illustrations, je me suis demandé si c'était une blague. Voyez ce que je veux dire.

Look at the captive... to explain how to form the feminine in French.
Remarquez le captif et la captive...

The camera...
L'appareil photo...

Our bedroom...

Every section is introduced by touristic attraction of Paris.
Chaque section est présentée par un attrait touristique de Paris.

Wood animals toys...
Jouet de bois...

There are some beautiful colored plates.
Il y a de jolies planches en couleurs.

Others are weird...
D'autres sont étranges...

This must be the weirdest.
Translation: Pictures taken by my little brother Paul. My family!!!!
Voici le plus étrange. C'est sa famille!!!telque vue par son petit frère Paul.

Intrigued? This book was first printed in 1949 (this is a 1961's sixth edition) by the University of London Press. Philip Linklater, Officer of the Academy, is the author of this dictionary. He also illustrated it with the help of his son and his "teenager's playful pencil "!!!

Intrigué? La première édition de ce livre fut publiée en 1949 (ma copie fait partie de la sixième édition de 1961) par les Presses de Londres. Philip Linklater, Officier de l'Académie, est l'auteur de ce dictionnaire. Il signe aussi les illustrations avec son fils et son "crayon enjoué d'adolescent"!!!

4 commentaires:

  1. Hi Louise,
    What a great find! So much fun.
    No wonder they did a second edition.
    What a fun way to learn french.
    I just found a really old Australian Printed
    Atlas it states that Australian Aboriginal
    women grow old and ugly at thirty in the Bush.
    But her face shows wisdom and character!
    Not very accurate or flattering.

  2. This book was edited at least 6 times! My copy is from that edition (have to make a correction in my text).
    In this dictionary, there is also some illustrations of black people and Germans that are a long way from being politicly correct.
    We have come a long way... (in print at least...)

  3. Bien vu Louise, totalement décalé, du grand n'importe quoi ;-).

  4. pff : le captif a le droit une cruche d'eau et non la captive....


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