Fireplace, Foyer

There are so many frames that I want to hang on my walls. But it takes me forever to do it. I'm afraid to make holes, of not choosing the right frame and not grouping the images in a balanced way. But since I can just lean some frames on the fireplace, I made some small changes.

J'ai tellement de cadres que j'aimerais accrocher sur mes murs. Mais j'ai beaucoup de difficulté à le faire. Peur de faire trop de trous, pas sûre de choisir les bons cadres et de ne pas regrouper les images de la bonne façon. Mais puisque sur le foyer, je peux simplement appuyer les cadres, j'ai décidé de faire quelques petits changements.

This is how it looked before.
Voici le foyer avant.

This is after.
Voici l'après.

The bird print is from StraberryLuna and the sweet happy face was made by my little girl when she was 4 years old.

L'affiche est de StraberryLuna et le doux visage souriant a été réalisé par ma benjamine lorsqu'elle avait 4 ans.

6 commentaires:

  1. J'adore le tableau avec le sourire!

  2. Hello Louise,
    Great Idea grouping them together in
    assorted sizes. The fire place looks
    great in white.
    Sadly we don't really need one here in
    Australia. I am going to make Christmas
    Bunting and have had to find alternative
    position for it. No Mantelpiece ;(
    I will use the kitchen cabinet instead.
    Enjoy a perfect weekend.

  3. PS Just love that little face.
    Your childs masterpiece?

  4. I think it looks like her...

    Hope you had a nice weekend Sue.

  5. I love it! So sweet with your daughter's artwork included! lovely! xo

  6. I think she is amazing. How can she put so much emotion in just a few lines of crayon...


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