Dictionary without words, Dictionnaire sans mots

I just added this fun book to my Etsy store. "Mon dictionnaire magique" (My Magical Dictionary) is a very unique dictionary because you can't see the words...

Je viens juste d'ajouter cet amusant livre dans ma boutique Etsy. "Mon dictionaire magique" est un dictionaire vraiment unique puisqu'on ne peut voir les mots...

It more like a book of riddles and the answers appears by magic with the help of the special read screen.

Il ressemble plus à un livre de devinettes où les réponses apparaissent comme par magie avec un petit écran rouge.

This book was printed in 1976 (first edition 1972) by Fernand Nathan and is beautifully illustrated by Henri Mercier.

Ce livre fut publié en 1976 (première édition 1972) par les éditions Fernand Nathan. Les jolies illustrations sont d'Henri Mercier.

2 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour Louise,
    This book is wonderful.
    I look often to see all your new
    delights on etsy.
    Postage to Australia is expensive.
    This year I hope to be able to
    remember lots more French words.
    Learning one at a time, slowly
    so it is easy to remember!
    Keep those great books coming.
    <3 Sue


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