The War of the Clothes, La Guerre des Fringues

Here are the French twins Nicole and Colette in one of their incredible adventures. Forget about the whodunit story it's all about the clothes here (and maybe the furniture).

Voici les jumelles françaises Nicole et Colette dans une de leurs incroyables aventures. Oubliez l'histoire policière, tout ce qui compte ici c'est les fringues (et peu le mobiler).

I didn't know anything about those ladies before I found this comic. The twins were first seen in the comic series 'Priscille et Olivier' created by writer Henriette Robitaillie. Then they had their spin-off series (which includes two album in total...).This album was published in 1975. The story was written by Gilles Capelle and illustrated by Janine Lay.

Ces jumelles m'étaient complètement inconnues avant de découvrir cet album. C'est dans les albums de la série "Priscille et Olivier" créés par l'auteure Henriette Robitaillie, qu'on a pu les voir avant qu'elles aient leurs propres aventures (deux en tout...). L'album "La Guerre des Fringues" fut publié en 1975. Il fut écrit Gilles Capelle et illustré par Janine Lay.

2 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour Louise,
    I'll be checking it out at your etsy store.
    What a fun find. 1975 great year, brings
    back memories. Only this red head didn't
    have a evil twin sister?!
    Early Festive Seasons wishes to you.

  2. Merci beaucoup for the wishes. I also wish you a very Happy Holliday with your family. Lots of hugs, laughters and food.


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