Maine 2011

We're back. We spend a week in a small cottage in Maine. A week of almost nothing, of time with the family, of reading, of taking pictures, of being elsewhere... 

Nous sommes de retour. Nous avons passé une semaine dans un petit chalet dans le Maine. Une semaine de presque rien, à passer du temps avec la famille, à lire, à prendre des photos, à être ailleurs...

My birthday
Mon anniversaire

 Striped shirt and eyeglasses. 
Chandail et lunettes à rayures. 

A new friend.
Un nouvel ami.

3 commentaires:

  1. These pictures are wonderful, they really make me miss my childhood. We had a chalet while I was growing up at l'Annociation and I have such great memories from it. I've always wanted to visit Maine too. Thanks for sharing such nice moments of your sweet family!

  2. I'm really glad you've enjoyed it. I hope my kids will also have good memories of there vacations.

    When you're ready for Maine, I can give you a few good adresses.

  3. Oh, Maine is my favorite place on earth (in the summer, of course!)...I'm so glad you loved it too. The love among your family just shines in these photos...Wonderful!



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