Advent calendar, Calendrier de l'Avent

After many years of thinking about it, I finally made an Advent calendar for Christmas. This year, we couldn't find a calendar that all three kids liked. So my girls asked me to do one (hoping there would be Silly Bandz in it).

Après des années de procrastination, j'ai finalement fait un calendrier de l'Avent pour Noël. Cette année, nous n'arrivions pas à trouver un calendrier qui plaisent aux trois enfants. Mes filles m'ont alors demandé d'en faire un (espérant que j'y mettrait des Sillybands).

With these dishcloths (bought a few years ago at the dollar store) and the scraps of a too long white curtain, I did a calendar that could hold little surprises for all the kids. It was real easy and fast. I even cut the fabric in a way to benefit from the already sewn edges (less sewing for me). The sewn edges that had to be cut, were used to do the ties.

Avec ces linges à vaisselle (acheté au magasin à un dollar il y a quelques années) et les restes d'un rideau blanc trop long, j'ai réalisé un calendrier parfait pour contenir des petites surprise pour tous les enfants. Ce fût très facile et rapide. J'ai même coupé le tissus de façon à pouvoir profiter des bords déjà cousus (moins de travail pour moi). Les bords cousus, que j'ai dû couper, ont servi à faire les attaches.

So this is what it looks like up close. The kids are happy, mostly because of what's in it!
I'm thinking of maybe offering some calendars like this in my Etsy store next year...

Voilà le résultat de près. Les enfants sont contents, surtout à cause de ce qu'il y a dedans!
Je songe à peut-être offrir des calendrier comme celui-ci dans ma boutique Etsy l'an prochain...

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi Louise,
    That has to be the best EVER advent
    calendar I have seen.
    Usually I don't like the store ones
    either. What are sillybands?
    I think you mentioned them before?
    I am so out of little girls stuff
    now :( It's fun having them around.
    I am making a Christmas Banner this
    week. I have chosen the red and white
    check too. But mine has tiny little
    happy coloured catterpillars scattered
    here and there. I know it is not so
    Christmasy but it reminds me it is
    Summer holiday time, Picnics, Beach
    fun! Thanks for such a lovely post
    today. Sue

  2. Merci, I'm pretty pleased with the end result. What I like about it is that the kids can't peek in them, it's easy to store, each kid has his color so they take turn to open them and one day it could be use as little gift bags.

    Silly Bandz are colored elastic bands shaped like animals or objects (you can google it). The kids collect them and trade them. It's pretty silly, I know.

    Bonne chance with your bug banner (sounds so cute).



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